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The Junior Gordon Band


March 4, 2017 - Downtown Friendswood!


Pre-Sale: General Admission - $10.00 * VIP Admission - $125.00 (Only 200 available)
At Gate: General Admission - $15.00

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Junior Gordon

The times they are a changin’!

It use to be that when you said your hometown was Alvin, Texas, everyone thought of a certain… very famous and fantastic baseball player. Now, there is another name associated with the town where talent abounds.

The Junior Gordon Band began its trek to the top in music in Alvin, but the group is now seeing their fan base expand, and their latest Album, “BIG” making a (dare we say it?) BIG impact on country music. Along with their new album “Watered Down”, which is due to release in June of 2015.Alvin and many of its surrounding neighbors know and love the sound of The Junior Gordon Band, but now talk is spreading across the state of Texas, and it can only grow from there!

In the last three years, they have been blazing through and burning up every stage they set foot on. People just simply love the talent, beat and message of the band.

In April 2013, The Junior Gordon Band was nominated by The Houston Press for Best Band of the Year; Best Local Video of the Year and Junior himself was nominated for both the Local Musician of the Year and Best Male Vocalist! Now, that is sheer talent!
The selection process is tough, and with so much talent in Houston and across Texas, but being considered for not only one, but THREE awards is an amazing thing!

The Band has a distinctive sound that makes crowds love them.
The Junior Gordon Band’s heartfelt, soulful lyrics leave listeners with a menagerie of emotions from one song to the next. From the love of music that would be sacrificially ditched in a heartbeat for the love of a woman in “This Old Guitar” to good ole boy flirtation in “Country Lovin” to passion in “Even If It Kills Me” and “I’d Find You”, listeners can speculate that Junior clearly has a muse that has captivated his heart.

When Junior sings, he sometimes gets so wrapped up in the music that he can actually make up words, causing sometimes romantic, sometimes humorous country songs, or even a mix of country and rap…something he calls “C-RAP”. Thanks to a really talented group of musicians who can keep up with the lead singer, they never miss a beat. They just have a stage presence that leaves fans with an ear-to-ear grin at the end of the night.

Attending one of the Junior Gordon shows will never leave you bored; just enjoying talented musicians, and funny, unexpected events that leave you laughing while Junior runs through the place!
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