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Friendswood Carousel Park FAQs

What's the scoop on the carousel?

Why a carousel?

The carousel is a legacy project that will become a landmark within our town. This all inclusive destination can be used by people of any age or ability. In addition, the carousel park will provide an economic boost to the Downtown area, generating valuable tax revenue for our community.

How will the carousel be funded?

All design & construction costs will be funded by private donations.

How will the cost of operation be covered?

Revenue from ticket sales, events, and gift shop will fund all operating costs of the Carousel Park.

What is an MOU and its connection to Carousel Park?

The Friends of Downtown Friendswood is requesting from the city a Memo of Understanding for exclusive development rights for a site adjacent to Stevenson Park, which was designated as park land by the Friendswood City Council in January, 2017, to build the carousel.

How much money has been raised?

Verbal agreements have been made for approximately $500,000, based on the dedication of the land. Other donors are interested, but are also waiting on the approval of the MOU.

What if you do not raise the entire amount needed ($2.5 million)?

The carousel can be open and ready for customers for $1.5 million. The additional funds raised would be for adding a pavilion, gift shop and other park amenities that would be added as additional funds are raised.

How long will it take to build?

Once the order is placed for the carousel (goal to order by December, 2018), it will take two years to complete.

How will this project affect parking?

The business plan does not show that parking will exceed events currently held at Stevenson Park. Much of the carousel ridership will come from people already attending events in Stevenson.

Won't this attract too many people from outside Friendswood?

There are already a number of Friendswood amenities and events that attract people from outside Friendswood. The carousel is the only one with the capability to earn a profit that can be reinvested into the City.

What if the carousel doesn't produce enough revenue to pay for itself?

Four operating carousel parks in similar locations were used to develop the business plan. Data for operational costs, revenue and ridership were gathered from these parks. The business plan over-estimated and conservatively projected ridership, gift shop, and special event to verify sustainability.

What if it "goes bust"?

If, for any reason, the carousel park concept was not a successful community attraction, the City of Friendswood would inherit a nice park and a highly sellable $1.5 million carousel. The funds from the sale would then be theirs to use as they (the City) choose.

What is the liability for the City?

No construction can begin until proof of funding is provided to the City. All insurance will be provided by the Carousel Park 501 (c)(3) as included in the Memo of Understanding as terms of the agreement with the City.

What will be the responsibility of the City?

All responsibility for the operation, maintenance, security of the Carousel Park will be assumed by the Carousel Park 501 (c)(3) under the direction of the Friends of Downtown Friendswood.

What will generated revenue of the Carousel Park be used for?

Revenue from ridership, gift shop and special events will go to fund subsequent stages of the carousel park, maintenance reserve fund, & improvements to Stevenson.

"I've heard the carousel was purchased from Sugarland, is that true?"

No, this carousel will be designed & built from "scratch" and customized for Friendswood.

"I've heard the carousel is already under construction, is that true?"

No, the carousel will not be commissioned until there is community support, funds raised, and City approval has been given.

"I am not seeing the Carousel posts on Facebook, why is this? Have I been blocked?"

Absolutely not. There are lots of reasons that you may not be seeing a particular post, but we want to be very clear that no one has been blocked by FDFA, on Facebook or any social media. We see no need to block any particular individuals or groups and feel that this would undermine our efforts to be open and forthcoming about the Carousel Project.

If you are having difficulty seeing particular posts in your feed, we suggest that you reach out to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram directly for further assistance.
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